Product design

Martel Instruments is a printer manufacturer that specializes in compact printers - producing both handheld mobile printers and panel printers that will support a range of applications.

If your product requires a printing functionality - then Martel Instruments is an ideal partner. 


Our printers come in various sizes and can be further customized to meet your exact requirements.

Top 5 reasons to choose Martel Instruments as your printer supplier:

  1. Rather than manufacturing a printer in-house - outsourcing this production reduces your risks and costs 
  2. Our printers come in a range of sizes - from our super mini range that fit into the smallest of spaces to larger panel printers for printing that requires a larger printing format such as charts and images
  3. We can supply printers that are built for purpose to fully support your application 
  4. Our turnaround time is typically 6 weeks - speeding up your time to market 
  5. We can supply in any order quantity, if you require 10 units, then we can supply 10 units

Contact us today to arrange a free sample (on a sale or return basis).