Thermal printer

The Martel thermal printer range provides our customers with a high quality low maintenance printing solution to support their products.

A thermal printer uses heat to print, rather than ink, meaning that there is no need to replenish ink supplies. A great solution for high output printing, i.e. receipts, tickets, labels, charts, images........with little maintenance required!

Available in various sizes, to support a range of printing output needs, the Martel thermal printer is ideal for both static and mobile applications across a number of sectors.

The thermal printer range which we offer is vast - but can be categorized in two ways:

Mobile/Portable printers

These thermal printers typically sit outside of the application which they support and can be carried around independently or alongside it.

These thermal printers can be manufactured with any colour casing with our customers own branding, which opens up a whole host of benefits. One key benefit to this is that these printers are seen by the end user as part of our customers application. 



Panel printers

These printers typically integrate with the application that it supports - sitting behind a panel ·- so to the end user- ·it looks like part of the whole application.

Easy to integrate, these panel printers come in three key sizes 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch meaning that they can support a number of needs, from tickets to photographs.

See the range and product specifications on our fact sheets.



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