4" Thermal Printer

We manufacture and supply 4" Thermal Printers to a number of sectors. The printers come in any order quantity and are fully bespoke to meet your product's requirements. 

4" Thermal Printer

The 4" Thermal Printer, although compact, is great for printing larger outputs.

The high resolution and paper size means that this printer is extremely useful for print outs such as images, charts and tables.

Easy to integrate into panels, the Martel 4" Thermal Printer is an excellent choice to support a range of equipment.

It is low maintenance due to it being a thermal printer.

Our printer is currently integrated to support a number of products across sectors such as medical equipment and automotive equipment.

For more information on our 4" Thermal Printer, contact us today on + 44 (0) 1207 290 266 or download our technical fact sheet.