Summary of Embedded World

Everyone here at Martel can't quite believe that our exhibiting is over ..... for now!

From Tuesday the 14th of March to Thursday the 16th we have been in Nuremberg, Germany not only exhibiting at Embedded World, but also launching VIDA 4.0 to the European market.

Some of the Martel team headed out on Sunday so they were ready to get the booth set up on Monday, ready for the start of the show!

(L-R, Matthew, Chris, Sharon & Keith)

When we arrived our booth started off looking like this ....

But in no time at all we had it all unpacked, and show ready.

Our first time exhibiting at Embedded World, we had an extremely successful show, and had a lot of interesting conversations, with potential new customers and distributors. We also had the chance to catch up with some of our current partners, including Admatec, Optologic and GeBE Elektroniks.

Our first day exhibiting, we were given a blast from our past, when a customer stopped by our booth with a Martel antique calculator, from a show giveaway many years ago.

Embedded World, was trending in Nuremberg, for the duration of the show, alongside keywords such as, 'cloud', 'technology' and 'IOT' which fit in perfectly for our launch of VIDA 4.0.

VIDA 4.0 is our latest product, which provides the power to connect, capture, communicate and print. You can find information on the features of VIDA, the applications it can be used in, and more by visiting the VIDA website here.

The show went over in a blink of an eye, and all too soon it was time to pack up and for the booth to head back to Martel Instruments HQ, however it won't be here for long, stay tuned for news coming soon on our next exhibiting adventure!