Extra income for your business

Martel Instruments are a compact printer manufacturer that will add an additional revenue stream into your organisation.

Our mobile handheld printers are an excellent way to bring in additional sales by adding them to your product portfolio as supporting equipment for your applications.

Due to our manufacturing methods - we produce printers that are fully customized - meaning that they willl not only look part of your product range - they will also meet any regulatory or technical requirements that you have.

You will create an additional revenue stream into your business with little riskThe top 5 reasons to partner with Martel Instruments:

  1. There isn't a danger of over ordering - as we supply in any order quantities - if you require only 10 units we can supply 10 units!
  2. None of printers become obsolete - as long as you require them - we will continue to manufacture them
  3. They will be built to meet your exact requirements - from colours to technical specifications
  4. All of our printers are manufactured in the UK from our premises - meaning tight control - resulting in high quality products

Contact us today to arrange a free sample (on a sale or return basis).